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Joyful Faith is a cutting-edge Christian ministry showing women how to be authentically re-created by the love of God. One person wrote, “Simply stated, Joyful Faith’s studies are the most scripturally comprehensive, the most theologically accurate, and the most life-changing materials I have ever found.”

The Three Notes
At the appointed time
gently, gently
three paper notes
fluttered down,
carried on a warm scented breeze…

“Dynamics of Grace” excerpts
The Supreme Thrill
God’s goal is something far above and beyond our earth-bound agendas. Christ-in-us is the purpose of creation, the supreme thrill, nothing could be higher or more fun. This super-nature is spectacular beyond words, a huge leap into a new kind of reality.
The extreme adventure awaits – the leap into a new kind of creature who is the heir of all things. It’s our heavenly Father’s delight to give us the Kingdom. Christ supplies and equips us with absolutely everything we could ever need. In fact, those who lack, receive more. There will be only super-abundance and delight.

The End-Times – Are you ready?
Scripture reveals signs the end-times are fast approaching. Brutal problems fill the headlines: wars and rumors of wars, economic instability, environmental disasters, deadly plagues, societal meltdown – all bringing more heartbreak and confusion.
Think you are ready for whatever is coming? What about your heart reactions to difficult people? Are you still trapped in strife and envy? Are you a “carnal Christian” struggling to merely control your ungodly reactions?
Be encouraged. God has stated He will use the world’s crisis to help us resolve our own inner conflicts and set us entirely free from our entanglements and problems. God’s plan is profoundly more comprehensive than we imagined.
Of course every Christian would agree that we need all of Christ, but Christ accomplished so much more than most people realize! Scripture shows that there are essential aspects of Christ most Christians have under-estimated or ignored.
A watered-down gospel has failed to open the door into the victorious life Christ promised. To be ready for whatever is coming, we desperately need all of Christ, and all that Christ accomplished.
Joyful Faith’s studies can help you awaken to Jesus Christ as never before. Discovering key Scriptures and taking them to heart can finally set you free of your inner distress and darkness. Think about it, your mind and heart in a new state of being, authentically free to love at all times, free to experience real joy!
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Our Hidden Opposition to an Aspect of Christ
All of us have been deeply hurt and sinned against by man and by woman. We’ve had fears, grievances, frustration, pain, and heart-sick disappointment.
We tried to solve the Battle of the Sexes by seeking a balance of power, give and take, and yet more cooperation. We tried self-control, counseling, accountability partners – sometimes escalating to arbitration, restraining orders, and settlements.
All this heartache comes because we rejected an essential aspect of Christ. But there is really good news: God’s solution is infinitely higher than our best efforts.
Christ came to resolve our dilemma – once and for all. God’s plan is true oneness. Not human effort, but Christ’s true oneness. Oneness already exists fully and perfectly in Christ.
Galatians 3:28 tells us there is no male or female in Christ because they have actually become one in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 11:11 tells us that male and female are not separated or disconnected in the Lord. As we abide in all that Christ accomplished, the conflict in our own hearts is resolved; we have no enmity, no strife, no envy against others – regardless of their behavior. As we abide in Christ, we experience no lack, no incompleteness, no aloneness in our hearts.
In Christ there is male and female unity and harmony. This unity is oneness/ wholeness/ completeness, a new state of being only available within Christ. Being “one” does not mean merely close or loving or cooperative – it is a number. One means one. Yes, it is mysterious, but it is our new nature.
If you think this requires another person’s cooperation, be warned: you don’t yet grasp the magnitude of what Christ accomplished.
As you fully abide in the oneness that Christ accomplished on the cross, you become a living response to Christ’s finished work, instead of merely reacting to your circumstances. You live overflowing with love (even for difficult people). As the truth settles deep in your heart, you honor others (based on God’s promises not on other’s behavior), and you forgive from your heart (humbly admitting your own sins and trusting Jesus’ redemption).
You can be reassured: Marriages are enhanced with love, affection, and tender-loving kindness. Children are blessed with a loving and respectful home. Singles live content and peaceful in purity; their lives overflow with love and fellowship.
Trusting Christ you are “of good cheer” and your heart enters a state of rest because you are fully convinced of the goodness and wisdom of God’s glorious plan (see Ephesians 2:14; Mat 5:44; 1 Peter 2:17; Mat 18:35; John 16:33; Hebrews 4:11).
Excerpts from “Inside the Gears: Our Hidden Opposition, God’s Genius Plan and Other Life-Altering Topics”
Longing For Connection
Male and Female. We yearn to connect, to belong, to feel complete. That primal drive is imperative—the center of our hopes and dreams, and ground zero of our angst and tears. Heartbreak and disappointment abound. Needing yet opposing, we tried everything to make it work. Our solution for “The Battle of the Sexes” was more self-effort and more demands for others’ cooperation. But even our moments of “success” never satisfied our dream of transcendent relationship.
And underneath it all, the old self remains trapped, opposing the deepest inner reconciliation so desperately needed. Humanity is still in preliminary stages, deciding whether or not to fully trust Jesus Christ with this most sensitive area. Humanity tried to follow Christ, but ignored an essential element, so we just went around in circles. By rejecting that element, we put ourselves into a no-win situation.
Christ’s Solution that We Underestimated, Ignored, Opposed
Though it’s shocking, there is an aspect of Christ greatly underestimated, ignored, or even opposed by many Christians—wholeness in Christ. Scripture details the long story of how we rejected wholeness/oneness in Christ, but for now let’s focus on this: We need all of Christ. We need all that Christ accomplished.
With immeasurable grace, God patiently awaits our awakening. God knows we are getting ready to discover and embrace the immensity of all Christ accomplished.

We need all of Christ.
We need all Christ accomplished.

God Is Not Divided, God Is Oneness
God is not polarized or divisive, God has no duality; God does not take sides against people; God does not exalt one side or devalue the other side. God is undivided oneness, wholeness, and completeness.
Mark 12:29 Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one [united, oneness] Lord:

We Are Divided and Divisive
Humans are polarized. We take sides, especially female versus male. We exalt one side and devalue the other; we compete with one another, and trust in our “comparative rightness” in relation to one another. Scorn and envy abound. We struggle mightily on a daily basis.
Romans 11:24 tells of humanity’s two conflicting natures: the “wild by nature” and the “domesticated by nature” (translated “good by nature” in KJV). Note that both fell into sin; neither is better than the other (Romans 8:9). The result of being polarized: broken relationships, broken hearts, and a broken world.
How can we humans fix this most basic disconnection between male and female? We can’t.
How Can We Return to Oneness? Christ Reconciled the Two Conflicting Natures
Jesus Christ solved humanity’s huge dispute. On the Cross Christ united the two conflicting natures – making the two to become one – and thus reconciling us back to God’s oneness. Scripture says Christ “reconciled both unto God in one body by the Cross.” Christ is truly the only hope for peace in our hearts.
Wholeness in Christ is a new state of being, a new kind of creature that is truly pure and loving. “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself” (2 Cor 5:19).
Ephesians 2:14–16 For [Christ] is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition [=division]… 15 [Christ] having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; in order to make in himself of two one new [creature], so making peace; 16 And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:
Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor [Gentile], there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for [you] are all one in Christ Jesus.
Fully Believing, We’re Increasingly Healed
God invites us to embrace all Christ accomplished, to love one hundred percent of Christ, to follow His pathway in every respect. Believing God’s truth will profoundly change us: body, soul, and spirit.
As we say “yes” to all of Christ, we experience the completeness, purity, wholesomeness, love, and honor that scripture identifies as indicators of real belief in Jesus Christ. As we more fully embrace all Christ accomplished, we are increasingly healed, set free, and operating in the power of God.
Wholeness Only Exists Within Christ
Clearly, Christ is the only source of oneness; abiding in Christ is the only way to experience wholeness.
Don’t miss this point: Christ made the two natures to be one in Himself. In Ephesians 2:14 it says that Christ “made” oneness; this word is “ktizo” in Greek, showing the concept of creating something new. The word implies that Christ united the two natures and created one new nature.
How can we tell if we are actually following Christ and abiding in Him? Simple, just look at the evidence. Scripture details the results of real belief in all of Christ: unfeigned love even for difficult people, forgiveness from the heart, honor and respect for all others, prayerful and sincere desire for the awakening of every person, increasing purity and freedom from sin, lighthearted joy as we trust Christ’s promises.
The only way
to experience wholeness
is to fully abide in Christ.

Beware of the “Making Myself Whole” or Making Ourselves One” Project
The most dangerous fallacy is the notion that you can make yourself to be whole—alone or with another person. Don’t take this information and try to fix yourself. You can’t make yourself whole; that is trying to make the new nature by your own human efforts – futility and heartache that goes in endless circles. Prideful and vain, it is doomed to failure. Stated another way: Christ made oneness and established wholeness in Himself while dying on the Cross. What’s your game plan to achieve that?
Getting Past Our Objections, Barriers, and Obstructions
Christ prophesied that not many people would hear and be made whole (Matthew 13:15) at this time. Christ posed the question, “Will He find faith when He returns?” (Luke 18:8). Christ warned that many will say, “Lord, Lord” yet not follow His pathway (Luke 13:25). The divisive heart is the reason we resisted and even rejected wholeness in Christ.
That new reality of wholeness in Christ is without enmity, without a dividing wall, without the female versus male conflict, without strife or envy. It is no longer entangled with the accuser, no longer throwing people away, no longer caught in the torment of unforgiveness.
To authentically say “yes” to wholeness in Christ, we must deal with the barriers or defenses in our hearts against this deepest reconciliation. We must face our objections, fears, grievances, and “yes-but” anxieties. That is what has taken humanity so long, why we endlessly circled the problem without seeing the ultimate victory.
In the past, we came to Christ and confessed our bad deeds. Now we must come, once and for all, to confess our arrogant lovelessness and divided hearts. We were not only at fault, we were intrinsically faulty. We are guilty as charged. Getting through our resistance will prove to be the very hardest thing we have ever done. This is where the old self dies.
We can know all mysteries, but if we don’t have authentic love, even for our enemies, we are just noise and nonsense. We must get past our pride, and in humble repentance honestly face ourselves.
The Obstructed Gate—The Battle of the Sexes in Our Hearts
Wholeness in Christ is often glossed over with a quick glance, ignored, or undervalued. But even when wholeness in Christ is acknowledged as important, we must deal with our own divisive hearts and struggle to get through the gate blocked by our hurts and grievances; we must get beyond the stone-walled protection of our pride and self-righteousness. Entering the Kingdom of God is imperative if we want victory in this life, and the only pathway is through that most difficult gate.
Luke 13:24 …strive to enter in at the [narrowed by obstacles] gate…
Matthew 7:14 …[obstructed] is the gate, and [afflicted] is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.
Acts 14:22 …we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.
Who Wins? Who is The Victor in The Battle of the Sexes?
Male? Female? Wild-by-nature? Domesticated-by-nature? No, no, no, and no. All sinned and fell short of the glory of God.
In the fiery agony of the Cross, Christ tore down the wall of division, and made in Himself one new kind of creature and so making peace. Christ wins! Christ is victorious!
World Crisis Will Bring Intense Learning
Wholeness in Christ is the only way to resolve the divided heart, but humanity is generally not ready for that. The divided heart’s “resistance factor” against wholeness is formidable. Both Old and New Testament prophecy indicates that humanity will continue to reject, ignore, underestimate, and ignore the significance of this vital aspect of Christ until the Day of the Lord. At that time, the problem will become obvious. The crisis will serve to drastically amplify our heart’s hunger for authentic answers.
Seeking and Finding Christ in the End-Times
The end-times will finally convince the world of humanity’s desperate need for wholeness in Christ. Scripture states that in our affliction we will pursue God as never before. We need to understand the extent of the problem and the extent of Christ’s solution. That time of intense seeking, along with humble and honest learning, will bring us to wholehearted acceptance of all of Christ. And that will culminate in the glorious victory of the Resurrection.
Trusting and resting in
wholeness in Christ
resolves the Battle of the Sexes
in our hearts.
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