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Marijo Lavine Hickman
The founder of Joyful Faith Ministries, Marijo is a speaker, teacher, and writer in full-time ministry over 25 years. She communicates God’s life-changing truth in a genuine way – with a passion to bring wholeness and restoration to God’s people. >>

Jenny West
To say Jenny has had a varied life is an understatement. Besides being a wife and mother, she has also been a teacher, pastor’s wife, bus driver, hardware store manager, EMT, fitness instructor, and flight attendant, to name a few. >>

Mary Davis
Her love of adventure began at age two when Mary’s family moved to Portugal. The daughter of missionary parents, she spent half of her childhood living abroad in Portugal and Africa. >>

Ellaine Coscarella
“Enthusiastic” describes Ellaine who is exuberant in her love for everyone she meets. Her interests are varied and approached with great eagerness. A playful red-headed tomboy, she loved to visit her cousin on the farm or climb trees in the park. >>

Lisa Krueger
On the surface, Lisa’s childhood seemed ideal. With attentive grandparents just across the street, bicycling, and roller-skating with the neighborhood kids was the norm. >>
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