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Has your study of the Bible:

… Set you free of hurt and frustration?
… Made your home loving and peaceful?
… Improved your marriage?
… Freed you from resentment?
… Released you from shame?
… Freed you from condemnation?
… Given you light-hearted joy?

Perhaps it is time for our studies…

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Results!

“In the vast sea of Bible studies, I’ve found Joyful Faith studies to stand in a class alone. Taught from scriptures’ wide-angle perspective, every word is knit together to clearly illuminate the truth that sets us free. It challenges and dismantles old thinking that would sabotage and hold us back from our new life in Christ, all motivated by a transcendent compassion that leaves one permanently rejoicing.” Lisa, Colorado
“When I first encountered these studies, I sat bolt upright, heart pounding, mind racing, trying to keep up with the incredibly challenging things I was hearing. Then Joyful Faith’s other studies continued to shake my status quo, shock me out of my stupor, and air-lift me onto a pathway of actually believing God’s radical, life-transforming truth in Christ. That journey just about killed me (oh wait, I think there are scriptures about dying to my old self!). It’s not like it is all-done-ding-perfect, but my relationships and my gut reactions to life are so much better I can’t even explain it. It continually blows my mind.”


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