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Untangling My Confusion
by Ellaine Coscarella

… One of my dearest friends had married a very difficult person. I could usually control my negative responses to him, but one day all my “penned-up” feelings bolted the corral.

My husband and I, along with our 16 month old baby, stopped by my friend’s house for a brief visit. Within moments of arriving, our daughter merely touched his record albums lined up on the floor. He screamed at her violently as if she were an adult who had done an atrocity. That was the tipping point – I could no longer tolerate his deplorable behavior and I became furious. READ MORE >>

Paying the Price
by Marijo Lavine Hickman

… The problems started innocently enough: My husband Jim asked me to paint the outside of the large playhouse he built for a customer. Sounded simple, but I had no idea about the problems awaiting me.

With the customer’s color chip in hand, we went to get paint, but the store didn’t have the formula for the right tint. I tried to show the saleslady that it was between two different shades and needed extra colorant. But, my husband said, “Don’t worry honey, this lady’s been coloring paint a long time, you just let her handle it.”
I knew trouble was brewing. And then the weather turned nasty. READ MORE >>

by Marijo Lavine Hickman

… How did uneducated fishermen, a tax collector, and other assorted nobodies turn into world-changing spiritual powerhouses?

Yesterday, Jesus died on the cross. His followers were dumbfounded. One of them broke down in tears saying, “I deserve the death penalty, but not him. It should have been me.” It just didn’t seem real. Over and over they repeated the details, trying to make sense of these horrible events. READ MORE >>

The Radio Station in My Head
by Jenny West

… I used to listen to the whackiest radio station you can imagine. A mix of contentious talk shows, dissonant music, and annoying static, Radio J-F-C (Judge, Fix, and Control) became my station of choice early in life.

Eventually I joined the staff, starting as DJ and moving up to Station Manager. Due to its continuous negative programming the FCC would have shut it down had they known about it. Radio Judge-Fix-Control was my own private station which played 24-7 in my head. I don’t know exactly when it began, but its constant background noise seemed completely normal to me. READ MORE >>

by Mary Davis

… Working hard to be Christ-like, I tried harder to “act nice” thinking the goal was the absence of outward conflict … After decades of excusing and justifying my attitudes, it was time to find out what was really going on!

Years ago when April 15th came around I’d get grumpy and annoyed. (You know how it is, something I saw or heard brought to mind an unhealed event from the past and I’d feel the emotions all over again.) READ MORE >>

The Ultimate Reality Shift
by Jenny West

… I started my life like soft, brightly colored Play-Doh – potential in a can. Life tossed me into the hopper, squeezed me through the pattern, and out I popped, a unique star-noodle … But, hardening over time, I felt irrevocably set …

Recently I thought about how the Play-Doh Fun Factory is a picture of how my circumstances and experiences sculpted and molded my view of life. Although I had started off with high hopes and dreams – wounds and disappointments began to shape my sense of identity and reality. Eventually my life felt like a Not-So-Fun-Factory. READ MORE >>

Upward Focus
by Mary Davis

… I’m easily distracted: I’m folding laundry and notice a plant drooping, so I water it. Then I see the kitchen needs vacuuming … and at the end of the day the laundry is still not done!

In the past, I felt distracted spiritually. I had many goals that took the #1 spot alternately: my work, social life, and family. I believed I was already a pretty good person, so I guess I didn’t think there was much work needed in that department. How wrong I was! READ MORE >>

Escape from My False “Gods”
by Ellaine Coscarella

Since childhood, I lived in the get-it-right-or-else state of mind. Even as I studied the Bible, I scolded myself for my lack of understanding … To me rightness came from knowing the correct answers…

My spiritual journey was extremely difficult because I was my own saboteur, presenting myself with a lot of homemade challenges. My thinking was exceedingly muddled and muddied and blocked connection with the true God. READ MORE >>

“Nice” Veneer or New Nature?
by Jenny West

…For decades I put on a smiling mask and plunged into self-sacrificing service. Hiding under that veneer however, was increasing resentment. I felt unappreciated, that my efforts were in vain, and then I blamed others for my feelings of emptiness…

I had tried to follow Jesus’ call to “deny thyself and take up your cross” – but my false idea was to suppress what I really felt and try harder to act nice for Jesus’ sake. When my wrong attitudes started to show through, I just smeared on more religious activities and platitudes. But there is nothing like total failure to get one’s attention… READ MORE >>

Radical Rescue
by Mary Davis

… … Like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces, my life was lacking something crucial… and some pieces of my life looked to be from a “Dante’s Inferno” puzzle. No wonder the pieces weren’t fitting!

I knew what Scripture said to wives and mothers and I had tried to follow those instructions. Then suddenly divorced after twenty-three years and with children who had gone awry, I was scared and perplexed. I felt I had been the good, loving, and patient wife and mother, so shouldn’t I be blessed with peace and harmony? What explanation could there be for the failure around me? READ MORE >>

Self-Righteousness Exposed
by Ellaine Coscarella

…self-righteousness became my shield, my protection, and my defense – all with great subtlety. My resentment wore a tuxedo, and I internalized my anger. I would not let anyone know the turmoil in my heart…

I was quite surprised to realize that the Elder Brother was not the good guy in the story of the Prodigal. I did not recognize the problem because I myself was an “Elder Sister.” I was the good-girl whose sins were not visible on the outside; they were hidden in my heart and covered up. READ MORE >>

From Quicksand to Solid Rock
by Jenny West

… it was becoming more difficult to hide what I really felt … like someone caught in quicksand, the harder I tried to get out, the more I sank…

I knocked myself out to become an all-star pastor’s wife, super-mom, and golly-gee-whiz-ain’t-she-the-great-pillar-of-the-community. Even though I really wanted to help people, there was something in me that always got in the way. If people didn’t measure up to my standards, I secretly scorned them. READ MORE >>

Unlocking Our Potential
by Marijo Lavine Hickman

The world is a mess. It all seems so complicated, but two underlying problems drive the whole thing…

We are born as the child of our circumstances, shaped and defined by the world around us. Whether we are maltreated and scorned, or adored and indulged, we get warped and twisted… Our hopes and dreams get trampled or compromised. We go crazy with pain… The vast potential of each individual goes untapped… do something heroic, be smartest or funniest; be the most popular or beautiful or have the most toys. Yet the stupendous potential of our minds and hearts remains out of reach. READ MORE >>

Does The Truth You Know Match The Life You Live?
by Marijo Lavine Hickman

You yearn for perfect love that would radically transform your life! Here’s the good news: Perfect Love wants to re-create you.

Maybe you suspect something is missing in your spiritual life. Where are those magnificent promises for Christ’s followers? Many people are saved, but they are defeated on a daily basis: Family distress, financial woes, health problems, pain and heartache, loss and failure. READ MORE >>

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